Frame Plaster 600X2020X105Mm Odem

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CASE REVOQUE 600x2020x105mm ODEM in the Plastered Wall catalog

If what you want is to save space and take advantage of every square inch you have available. You can separate and unite places and environments creating or canceling frames and boundaries. The use of frames for sliding systems is created in accordance with the new and lower standards of homes, without forgetting the aesthetic solution that is combined with the new design trends and modern architecture .


Side panels with horizontal folds , which gives them more rigidity and robustness, creating a kind of 'box' effect.

The grid is inserted in the same panel, with a small tolerance. thus allowing the central structure not to suffer any damage.

Easy-to-install vertical wooden beam. It is equipped with lateral fins that must be joined inside the mortar. The installation of the door is easier, since the wood allows the use of common hardware.

The removable chocks under: they are under the counter frame. They are ideal for fixing and aligning on the pavement. They can be driven into concrete or screwed into the pavement.

Rear cover : it has a notch and some lateral fins to allow the introduction of brick and cement, providing a greater anchoring of the counter frame to the wall.

The top has a smooth edge for easier mortar smoothing.

The side tabs are located on the vertical wooden stringer and on the rear cover of the counter frame. They are useful to sink them in mortar and ensure a more secure grip.

The spacers are used at the time of installation, and serve to maintain the same measurement in the counter frame

The Brush between the mounting and the door is part of the trim. It extends over its entire height, avoiding possible movements of the brush with respect to the door. In practice, this means a great reduction in the accumulation of dust inside the trim.

The Rail is fully removable and is made of extruded aluminum. It is a totally removable piece from the rest of the counter frame. Any post-masonry intervention can be done from the inside, without damaging the wall.

The bearing axle is made up of 4 ball bearings (one inside each wheel), steel axle and nylon wheels. The door slides silently and without friction thanks to the balls (not needles) present in the bearings and the material of manufacture of the components of the displacement KIT . It supports a load of up to 120 Kg, optimal for the vast majority of doors.

The self-centering guide is located inside the mounting KIT and allows for easy mounting and centering of the door. The eyelet at the base of the door must be fitted inside the guide, previously fixed flush with the ground. Without the need for measurements, the same guide will determine the center where the counter frame should be placed. The piece is suitable for all thicknesses (12.5 / 10.5 / 10/9 cm).

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